5.7.2 DExx – Deal-specific Records

These Record types can be used when sender and recipient wish to communicate data that cannot be communicated using existing DDEX-defined Record Types.

The DExx Record Types can be used as Summary Records as well as Records within a Block .

The  DExx Record Types are signalled by using, in the first Cell, the fixed string DExx with xx being a unique two digit-ID (e.g. 01, 02, 43, ...) as agreed between sender and recipient.

Senders and recipients are strongly encouraged to not attempt use these Record Types. 

One reason for supporting Deal-specific Records is to allow the DSR standard to be used to exchange information where sender and recipient are reluctant to share even the structure, i.e. the Cell names, with their competitors. Companies are strongly encouraged, however, to contact DDEX as soon as this confidentiality requirement ceases to exist, with a view to DDEX developing a standardised approach to the Deal-specific requirement and publishing a suitable new (or revised) Record Type.